Happy Halloween!

As you might have guessed, Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love nothing more than costumes, candy and horror films on a crisp and spooky autumn night. While it’s fairly easy to convince Kristin to commune with the dead with me in an actual haunted house, it’s practically impossible to convince her to watch horror films with me.  In honor of Halloween today, I’m going to make a few horror recommendations that I’ve loved from this year.

If you’re looking for a series:


The Haunting of Hill House is probably my  favorite addition to the haunted house genre. The camera work is extremely beautiful and the mood is solid and tense throughout. The ghosts are scary but it’s really the human relationships and performances that make this a must see. Read more about my feelings on this series here. You can watch it on Netflix.

If you’re looking for found footage:


Hell House LLC makes excellent use of both the found footage genre and their specific premise. They manage their low budget extremely well by building realistic, well-rounded characters, letting the dread build and having some really nice effects despite the budget. I highly recommend this if you are looking to have trouble sleeping. You can watch it on Shudder or Amazon Prime.

If you’re looking for something as adorable as it is spooky:


Over the Garden Wall is an absolutely adorable mini series that can be watched in one, film length setting. The music is really good and the animation frequently gets rather spooky. I highly recommend for the whole family. You can watch it on Hulu.

If you’re looking for a slasher:


Robert Englund’s 1989 adaptation, The Phantom of the Opera is definitely not a classic but it is surprisingly fun! There’s some fun kills and lots of fun easter eggs/ playing with the source material if you are a Phantom fan already. There’s also a very young Molly Shannon in this briefly, so keep an eye out for her. You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

If you’re looking for something funny:


Tucker and Dale VS Evil is such a fun horror comedy that I don’t think gets enough love. Tucker and Dale are lovable hillbillies caught up in a deadly misunderstanding. You can watch this on Netflix.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your Halloween, we hope it’s the best ever. As for us, it’s always Halloween! We will be investigating a theatre this week and we can’t wait to share the results with you. Stay Tuned!



The Old Blackford County Jail

The Old Blackford Co Jail From Google Maps

The Old Blackford County Jail is a popular paranormal hotspot in Hartford City, Indiana. Many investigative teams have stayed the night, including several TV crews, and none, it seems, have left disappointed. The evidence page on their website is teeming with unsettling EVPs (each credited to the team that found it), some of which are startlingly clear. If you’re looking to spook yourself, put on a pair of good headphones and listen to the EVPS here. Seance Sisters and the Friday Night Paranormal crew will be investigating soon and we hope to find our own evidence.

History of the jail has been a little tricky to unearth. So much of it is presented within the context of his hauntings that it has been hard to find a completely objective report. The location does historical tours for locals during certain times of year and the proceeds go to continue with it’s preservation.  The Old Blackford County Jail website basically only gives the following information:

  • it was established in 1879 and was an active jail until 1995.
  • John Dillinger was held here at some point.
  • It’s incredibly haunted

I also found a page by the Ghost Research Society  which claimed that no one ever escaped from this jail due to it’s granite ceilings, floors and walls, each of which was 8ft thick.  You can see their findings here.

I’m curious if the granite used to secure the jail could be contributing to it’s hauntings via the Stone Tape Theory.  While not exactly scientific, this is a popular ‘theory’ in the paranormal community that supposes that certain rocks such as quartz and limestone, can have the ability to ‘record’ traumatic events or heightened emotions. This would account for residual hauntings (hauntings that occur at regular intervals, with the same occurrence: seemingly non-intelligent and habitual). The stones are simply replaying events that somehow had their energies recorded in them. While very interesting, there is little verifiable science in involved.

We’re curious to find out ourselves! It seems that we are very likely to have some kind of experience here. Wish us luck and keep a look out for our post-investigation follow-up!